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Houdini Opening Book Ctg

Houdini Opening Book Ctg

Houdini is a powerful chess engine that can play at a super-grandmaster level. It is widely used by chess players and enthusiasts for analysis, training, and engine matches. One of the features that makes Houdini so strong is its opening book, which contains millions of positions and moves from modern chess theory.


An opening book is a database of chess openings that guides the engine in the initial phase of the game. It helps the engine avoid wasting time and resources on calculating well-known positions, and also gives it an advantage over opponents who are less familiar with the opening theory. A good opening book can make a significant difference in the outcome of a chess game.

Houdini Opening Book Ctg is a special format of opening book that is compatible with ChessBase and Fritz interfaces. Ctg stands for ChessBase Opening Book, and it is a proprietary format that can only be read by ChessBase products. Houdini Opening Book Ctg is created by Roger E. Zibell, a chess expert and author who has researched and updated the book with the latest developments in chess openings.

Houdini Opening Book Ctg contains over 70 million positions and moves from various sources, such as human games, correspondence games, engine games, and computer evaluations. It covers all the main lines and variations of chess openings, as well as some rare and exotic ones. It also includes statistics on the popularity and performance of each move, as well as changes in the trends over time.

Houdini Opening Book Ctg can be used for different purposes, such as:

  • An opening book in chess engine matches: Houdini Opening Book Ctg can be loaded into Houdini or any other engine that supports ctg format, and used as a guide for the engine's moves in the opening phase. This can give Houdini an edge over other engines that use weaker or outdated opening books.

  • An opening guide in correspondence chess: Houdini Opening Book Ctg can be consulted by correspondence chess players who want to find the best moves and strategies in their games. The book can help them avoid blunders and traps, and also discover new ideas and novelties in the openings.

  • A source for general opening studies and tournament preparation: Houdini Opening Book Ctg can be used by chess players of all levels who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of chess openings. The book can help them learn the main principles and concepts of each opening, as well as the typical plans and tactics that arise from them. The book can also help them prepare for specific opponents or tournaments by studying their preferred openings and variations.

Houdini Opening Book Ctg is available for download from Chess House, a website that sells chess products and services. The book costs $27 USD, and it comes with a bonus feature: chess trees (positional databases) that contain computer evaluations and statistics for each position in the book. The trees can be viewed in Aquarium, a graphical user interface for chess engines that supports ctg format.

Houdini Opening Book Ctg is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to enhance their chess skills and performance with the help of Houdini, one of the strongest chess engines in the world.


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