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Focomsetup Exe Site Ru

Focomsetup exe site ru

Focomsetup exe is a software tool that allows you to diagnose and repair Ford vehicles. It supports various protocols and modules, such as CAN, ISO9141, SCP, PWM, UDS, KWP2000, and more. Focomsetup exe can also perform coding, adaptation, and programming functions for some Ford models.

However, Focomsetup exe is not an official product of Ford Motor Company. It is a third-party software developed by a Russian company called OBDTester. The official website of OBDTester is [], where you can find more information and download links for Focomsetup exe and other related tools.

Focomsetup exe site ru

Download File:

But why would someone want to download Focomsetup exe from a Russian website? There are several possible reasons for this:

  • Some users may have difficulty accessing the official website of OBDTester due to regional restrictions or internet censorship.

  • Some users may want to find a cheaper or free version of Focomsetup exe, as the official one costs 99 EUR for a basic license and 249 EUR for a full license.

  • Some users may want to download a modified or hacked version of Focomsetup exe that has more features or bypasses the license verification.

However, downloading Focomsetup exe from a Russian website also involves some risks and challenges:

  • Some Russian websites may contain malware or viruses that can harm your computer or your vehicle.

  • Some Russian websites may provide outdated or incompatible versions of Focomsetup exe that may not work properly with your vehicle or your operating system.

  • Some Russian websites may require you to register or pay before downloading Focomsetup exe, which may compromise your personal or financial information.

  • Some Russian websites may have poor or misleading translations of Focomsetup exe instructions or documentation, which may cause confusion or errors during installation or usage.

Therefore, if you decide to download Focomsetup exe from a Russian website, you should exercise caution and do some research before proceeding. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Use a reliable antivirus software and scan the downloaded file before opening it.

  • Use a virtual machine or a sandbox to run the downloaded file in a safe environment.

  • Check the file size and the checksum of the downloaded file and compare them with the official ones from OBDTester website.

  • Read the user reviews and comments on the Russian website and see if they are positive or negative.

  • Contact the customer support of OBDTester if you have any questions or issues with Focomsetup exe.

In conclusion, Focomsetup exe is a useful tool for Ford diagnostics and programming, but downloading it from a Russian website may not be the best option. You should weigh the pros and cons carefully and follow the best practices to avoid any problems.


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