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Solicall Pro License

Solicall Pro License

Solicall Pro is a software product that improves audio quality when making calls from any PC/laptop running Windows. It can be easily integrated with any soft-phone/VoIP application like Zoom, Skype, Teams etc. It performs bi-directional noise reduction and echo cancellation, and can also filter out ambient human voices and non-human sounds. It uses minimal CPU resources and does not require GPU resources. It can also record the calls.


Solicall Pro is designed for companies looking to improve audio quality in their phone calls. The minimum purchase quantity is 20 licenses. In order to provide a quote and make sure the best product is selected for the work environment, customers are required to contact Solicall and specify their audio quality issues and the required license quantity.

Solicall Pro runs on premise and no third party private data is sent to Solicall servers. The privacy policy of Solicall can be found on their website.

Solicall Pro offers a free evaluation period of 3 days for the basic version of the product. The basic version can be downloaded from Solicall website. Companies interested in performing a professional evaluation of Solicall technology and products can contact Solicall for more details.

For any questions or issues regarding Solicall Pro, customers can refer to the FAQ section on Solicall website or contact Solicall support team.


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